2. iDrive Drivers Pick You Up

3. iDrive drives YOUR car home


Fast & Safe

We’re there when you need us –10PM to 2AM – and as soon as possible after you call anywhere in L.A.



No taxis or worrying about how you’ll get your car in the morning – with one call you and your car make it home, together.


Professional Insured

Our drivers are professional and insured. Consider us your personal Designated Chauffeurs to get you home.


Friendly and Reliable

We don’t judge. We’ll pick you and your car up and take you where you need to go – all when you need it the most.

We've all been there...

We get it. You didn’t plan on it, but before you know you've had a few too many and now you’re a tad too tipsy to get behind the wheel. But you drove and you can't leave your car. You've got plans tomorrow and can't risk it getting towed!

Before you shake it off and convince yourself you’re good-to-go behind the wheel, consider this:

1st DUI Offense – You’ll serve 4 to 6 months in jail and pay up to $2600 in fines! And kiss your license goodbye for up 10 months.

2nd DUI Offense – Enjoy a cozy stay of 10 days to 12 months in jail and up to $2800 in fines. Oh and that license of yours? Gone for up to two years.

3rd DUI Offense – California will personally house you for up to one year for your repeat offenses and you could shell out over $18,000 in fines – not to mention you won’t have a license for three years.

Is that worth it?

iDrive gets you and your car where you need to be without risking your freedom and money in the process. We don’t have flashy labels on our vehicles that shout out to the world “someone’s had a few too many!” – Instead we come in professional, unmarked vehicles with two insured and licensed drivers. We get you and your car home discretely and safely in the Los Angeles metro area.

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Learn more about California DUI laws here


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